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the ultimate destination for those seeking a transformative Elixir Experience and a dynamic alcohol-free social space.

We are the hub for inspiration,

creativity, self-expression, exploring new ideas, and connecting with others. Come join us and be a part of our vibrant and engaging community!

We offer these botanical ingredients

to nourish your mind, body, and soul while you immerse yourself in a playful environment.

The Elixir Trifecta:


These three amazing Plants have been enjoyed by the Indigenous People in their native areas for countless generations!


cacao pod


(Theobroma cacao)

What is Cacao:

Cacao is the dried, stone ground, fermented seed of a tree native to the Amazon Rainforest (Theobroma cacao) used for 4,000+ years by Indigenous People for energy, mood, and in social and ceremonial contexts.*

The Science of Cacao:
  • Theobromine: a mild stimulant and diuretic, and may improve mood and cognitive function.
  • Anandamide: a cannabinoid-like compound that may play a role in pain relief, mood regulation, and appetite control.
  • Phenylethylamine (PEA): a neurotransmitter that may play a role in mood regulation, well-being, and happiness.
kava root


(Piper methysticum)

What is Kava:

Kava is the powdered root of a shrub native to the Pacific Islands (Piper methysticum) used for hundreds of years by Indigenous People for its calm relaxing effects in social and ceremonial contexts.*

The Science of Kava:
  • (1) Desmethoxyyangonin (DMY) – muscle relaxant, potent MAOB inhibitor.
  • (2) 💜 Dihydrokavain (DHK) – sedative, anti-anxiety, calming.
  • (3) Yangonin (Y) – lively, creative, and artsy.
  • (4) 💜 Kavain (K) – happy and euphoria inducing, heady.
  • (5) Dihydromethysticin (DHM) – loss of muscle coordination, sedative up to 2 days.
  • (6) 💜 Methysticin (M) – body numbing, sedative.

(💜 = the preferred kavalactones)

kratom leaves


(Mitragyna speciosa)

What is Kratom:

Kratom is the powdered leaf of a tree native to SE Asia (Mitragyna speciosa) used for hundreds of years by Indigenous People for energy, mood, pain relief, and social contexts.*

The Science of Kratom:
  • Mitragynine – is pain relieving and euphoric, with additional action on the epinephrine (energy), serotonin (mood), and dopamine (focus) receptors.
  • Paynantheine – a smooth muscle relaxer.
  • Speciogynine – Possible smooth muscle relaxer.
  • Mitraphylline – Vasodilator, antihypertensive, muscle relaxer, diuretic, antiamnesic, anti-leukemic, possible immunostimulant


This is an open invitation to an alcohol-free venue where individuals connect with each other and enjoy a range of social activities such as: live music, open mic, ecstatic dance, comedy, circus arts, games, and other events. We foster joy and friendship through social events and plant-based mildly-psychoactive elixirs. We are committed to promoting health, happiness, and well-being in our community.

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Enjoy a carefully curated collection of Elixirs made from only the very best organic plants, mushrooms, herbs, and spices!

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